My Personal Style Goals for 2018


Happy new year.

The start of a new year signals a number of new year’s resolutions and promises to one’s self, whether it be career focused, general life goals, wardrobe & style focused aims, etc. We all strive for change at this time of year, and I am no different.

To define my style, I’m a girly tomboy. I favour comfortable outfits, stylish yet easily put together with minimal effort. Although I enjoy fashion and clothes, I wouldn’t say I’ve yet channelled my personal style nor do I have a defined, well put together wardrobe.

And although I will never be a minimalist in my home, as I’m definitely a maximalist with eclectic taste when it comes to interiors. In clothes, I favour classic basics & mainly comfy, minimalist looks in rotation.

Ok, so sometimes my outfits are a little basic/ safe, which on me this aesthetic tends to look a little more can’t be arsed than the chic, polished look I’m yet to master. But it is this uniform of comfy basics and minimalist style with a fun twist that I want to really nail this year.

Think a mix of fitted cigarette trousers, skirts and dresses with fun slogan jumpers/ pops of colour & of course some statement shoes thrown my wardrobe is overrun with footwear I’m yet to wear!

The Inspiration: Miroslava Duma


For me, injecting a bit more personality into my look is my main goal, as well as making my outfits looks more put together like this mega babe does above. Her outfits are always so well put together, yet edgy & chic.

I’m pretty low key when it comes to my outfits, hair & make-up too, so through the greater use of accessories and nailing the chic basics look, I hope to become more confident and hone my personal style in 2018.

The Look

Laid back, effortless yet stylish basics. Outfits that are focused on comfort without compromising on style’


Wish me luck! I’ll be delving into my wardrobe armed with some fresh Pinterest inspiration to rustle up some new ways of wearing what I already own.

A follow-up, outfit post coming soon. Thanks for reading!

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