Colour Inspiration: My Favourite Boden Outfits

The Lusting Life - Colour Inspiration: My favourite Boden outfits

When I first came across Boden many years ago, I wrongly assumed it was a bit too ‘mumsy’ for someone in their early twenties. But in the years since then, I’ve been pleasantly surprised when I’ve repeatedly found myself drawn to their bright, colourful outfits.

I’m someone who (without realising till recently) has a mainly navy, grey and monochrome wardrobe, so I’ve picked a few of my favourite, statement Boden pieces to brighten up a Spring wardrobe.

Colour Inspiration: My Favourite Boden Outfits

I have a lot of prints, patterns and textures in my wardrobe but I’ve noticed my outfits lack any serious injection of colour – I want to turn them from pretty drab to eye-catching, standout outfits.

It’s pretty bad, considering I’m a creative person who loves bold, bright colours, clashing prints & patterns… but you’d never tell from my outfits! Queue Boden – I’m sharing my favourite Boden outfits that will inject some much needed colour into my wardrobe below, enjoy!

Bold Floral Prints

I love the idea of teaming a bold, floral print with shoes in a clashing colour, the emerald green/navy combo is one I love and would definitely copy. Whilst instead of navy, I’d team the pink, floral Ivy dress with a bolder red shoe or a bright, turquoise to really clash the colours and would pair the Kelly dress with a bright, statement orange loafer.

Richmond 7/8 Trousers / Ivy Dress / Kelly Dress

A Touch of Orange


Talking of orange, it’s not a colour I’m usually nor immediately drawn to as it’s a very bold choice to wear & is one that requires confidence to pull off. But that being said I think if I invested in this Orange Cashmere Cardigan above, I’d instantly be adding a pop of colour and a bit of excitement to the many, navy outfits I wear in rotation.

The Statement Shoe

One thing I am good at is jazzing up a bland outfit with an unexpected pop of print or colour with a statement shoe! I’m usually drawn to animal print, wacky colours or unusual detailing, so I was instantly drawn to the amazing ones below that would add a twist to a plainer outfit.

Ivory Pony Spot Slip-on Trainer / Maritime Slipper ShoeLeopard Print Backless Loafer

Just looking at how they’ve styled their outfits on the Boden website is great for inspiration of what colours work well with one another. Especially if you’re going for a bold, colour clashing look, which I love the look of but never seem to emulate in my own wardrobe! They also have a handy Outfit Maker tool on the site too, so you can put together an outfit on the model & get an idea of what items/ colours look good together, which is super handy!

So, in conclusion I plan on 2017 being the year of colour – queue bold prints, colour clashing and bright statement shoes/ accessories – Boden style! I’m unleashing my inner Sophie Robinson (my favourite girl crush & colour maven!)

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    1. Ahh thanks. That’s awesome, what a great company to work for. I hope she shares her staff discount code with you 😀 ! Agreed, love the flats… I’d def spend all my wages on clothes/ shoes if I worked for Boden though!! xx

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