Home Tour: Interior Stylist, Emily Henderson’s house is for sale!!

The Lusting Life - Home Tour: Interior Stylist, Emily Henderson's Home Tour

To those of you who read my blog regularly, I apologise for the radio silence this past week and a bit. I’ve had an awful cold/ flu that has left me bed-ridden with no energy, so I’ve been feeling sorry for myself & not achieved much at all!

I’ve felt pretty wiped out doing the smallest of things so as you can imagine, the house is a complete mess – I’m talking plates stacked up, bins overflowing, blankets, socks and clothes strewn around the house. But with no energy to clean up, I’ve distanced myself from my own state of a house until I can bring myself to tackle it.

Instead I’ve occupied myself by admiring other people’s perfect homes, endlessly scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter for inspiration (looking at pretty interiors is my personal pick me up fyi… sad I know!) That’s when I stumbled across Curbed’s post titledInterior Designer Emily Henderson is selling her Mid-century Modern Home.’

The Girl Crush: Interior Stylist Emily Henderson

I’ve had a girl crush on Emily for quite some time now, it was since I discovered that a huge number of images I’d pinned of beautiful interiors were all in fact all client projects by Interior Stylist, Emily Henderson! I clicked one of the image links and ended up spending hours swooning over all of her stunning projects on her blog: Style by Emily Henderson.

And now I get to do the same over her lust-worthy, mid-century modern Glendale home! Expertly styled, with each room boasting an incredible colour scheme and furnishings to die for – her home is an interior lovers dream! But with an asking price of $1.03 million it’s a little out my price range!!

Oh well a girl can dream… take a look at a few of the stunning shots from inside the interior stylist’s home. Enjoy!

The Entrance Way /  Hallway


The Snug/ Kitchen Area


The Kitchen/ Breakfast Bar


The Living Room


The Dining Area


The Bedroom


To see the full tour of Emily’s home over on her blog / product guide to copy the look read her home tour post here. Thanks for reading!

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