DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

The Lusting Life - My DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

With Christmas just over a week away there’s still time to add a few personal touches to your home or chance to make a last minute DIY gift. I share my favourite DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas below, enjoy!

In the run up to Christmas those following me on Instagram may have seen the various DIY crafting  ideas I’ve tried and tested over the last few weeks. From homemade tree ornaments to festive decorations, I’ve taken inspiration from Pinterest, YouTube & Instagram to give you some last minute inspiration…

The DIY Tree Ornaments


What you’ll need:

Pack of plastic bauble halves ( I picked mine up from Sostrene Green, try Hobbycraft, Wilkos or Ebay)

Parcel ribbon or string

Star table decorations/ glitter or feathers,etc

Chalkboard Paint

Paint Brush

Chalkboard Marker Pen



I have loved the decorations on offer in stores this year but at around £5 a bauble I decided to instead DIY a few of my decorations instead. I loved this Not on the Highstreet – Nest one so I made my own version by emptying a few handfuls of leftover decorative stars I had left over from a birthday into one side of the bauble, attached halves together and hung on the tree with some ribbon.

You could use glitter, feathers or colourful beads or anything you have lying around the house to fill these or spray some multipurpose cleaning spray inside and sprinkle with glitter for glitter baubles.


For the blackboard paint ones, paint both halves separately whilst lay on a flat surface. Once dry, decorate both sides with a festive design like my snowflakes one below then thread and hang with ribbon.



The DIY Blackboard Painted Candle


What you’ll need:

Black Chalkboard paint (Wilko’s tester pot size ones are great)


Candle holder/ candle in a jar

Chalk pen



I have been obsessed with owning this Bella Freud Parfum Candle for a while now but at £40 it’s not the cheapest, so I made my own! I recycled a plain candle in a glass jar by painting the holder with black chalkboard paint. Once dry, use your chalkboard pen to add a festive phrase, illustration or message to the front. I went for a simple ‘Joyeux Noel‘ message. Or you could go for a gold paint pen for added glamour!

DIY Decorative Snow Scenes


What you need:

Bag of faux snow

Small ornaments to decorate (small trees, led candles, animal figurines, pine cones, houses etc)

Mason jar, glass vase, wine glass


This one’s from Pinterest as my feed was filled with quaint little Christmas scenes inside glass cloches & jars and even wine glasses as seen below. I knew I had to recreate one of these simple, snow-filled decorations as a centrepiece so I collected various jars, vases and glass domes from around the house & filled then with fake snow & my objects.


You can add whatever you like, it doesn’t have to be Christmassy either as I saw some great kitsch ones with Starwars figures, Barbie and even Batman! For mine, I added a couple of mini trees, a polar bear shaped rubber I spraypainted white and in another I added a replica of my boyfriend’s car bought from Ebay. I also ordered a miniature, light up, vintage streetlamp for another but unfortunately it never arrived.

I used a plastic Ferrero Roche container to house my fake snow and polar bear combo and filled a mason jar with fine fairy lights and snow at the base to cover the battery pack. I made the below one by placing an LED candle light & faux snow in a 99p apothecary jar from Hobbycraft on a cake plate and surrounded it with a small bag of mixed pine cones.


DIY Festive Message Board


What you need:

Black chalboard paint


Gold Spray Paint (Clear Lacquer to finish is optional)

Ribbon to hang

Primer Spraypaint

Picture Frame or noteboard



The above image from Pinterest gave me an upcycling idea for my next DIY, as I’ve had this old, plastic, noteboard frame below (originally white) for years. Its been upstairs in a pile of hoarded junk I move from house to house but don’t have a use for so I decided to recycle it into something festive.

I gave the frame a few coats of primer before spraypainting it gold. Whilst this was drying I painted the backboard with blackboard paint and left to dry.

img_20161202_162830Once dry I sprayed the frame with a final coat of clear lacquer and reassembled the board and frame, adding ribbon to the back hooks to hang. Finally write a festive message on the board in chalk pen and hang on the wall.

DIY Felt Tree Ornaments


What you need:

Felting Needle


Foam Eggs

Needle & Thread


I wanted to make cute decorations of my own, as West Elm’s penguin decoration and  their festive bear ornament are a little out my price league this year. Instead, Hobbycraft have a great selection of beginners felting kits available online and in store. I picked a couple of £3 sets that come with all you need to have a go available here.

It took a fair few hours to follow the simple instructions and create something that resembled a bear, I went a bit rogue though and made mine a bit different from the one given as an example then I made an evil looking penguin! For my first time at felting I’m pretty pleased with how it turns out, so for a homemade touch give felting a go!


I hope you’ve enjoyed by DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas and my post has given you some festive inspiration! There is still time to make some last minute bits and pieces… so get  crafting!

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