My Hush Work Wardrobe Wishlist

The Lusting Life - My Hush Workwear Wardrobe Wishlist

I’m always on the hunt for quality work wardrobe items, and oh what a find! I share my Hush Work Wardrobe Wishlist Picks below, enjoy.

I often find myself cursing my wardrobe when I’m in a rush and late for work. I have a serious lack of comfy yet stylish workwear so feel/ probably look under dressed for work most of the time. I actually hate professional work wear, as it makes me feel stuffy and kinda like a kid dressing as an adult if that makes sense?

The Work Wardrobe

Queue Hush again, as to find so many stylish workwear pieces that I’d wear in my free time too is a winner! I told you my recent obsession with Hush is getting out of hand, but I just keep finding more items I love that have that comfy yet stylish vibe which is very me!

I spend majority of my days at work feeling uncomfortable wearing my ill fitted, synthetic, cheap ‘work appropriate’ tops or my too tight, smart trousers. Or that blazer jacket, the one that I can’t wait to take off but need to keep on as it’s hiding my un-ironed blouse sleeves!

And although I dislike them, I wear them all in rotation as I don’t yet own a ‘work wardrobe’ that I love. I need comfy yet stylish pieces which can be smartened up for work, or dressed down at the weekends. So I’m sharing my top picks below that would seriously improve my work wardrobe game!

My Pick of Tops

I love the floral, dressy look of the lace top teamed with structured trousers. Whilst I’d wear either of the shirts with skinny black trousers, or pair with a black skirt and boots for a more dressed up look.

The Embroidered Flora Jumper /  The Rita Printed Shirt / The Wrap Shirt in blush & black

My Pick of Bottoms

I adore the trousers that look tailored & smart but comfy to work in, I’d wear with a basic grey t.shirt tucked in or to dress up a casual jumper like below. The ruched skirt isn’t available in my size right now so I’m waiting patiently as it is dressy enough to make any outfit look smart and would be a great ‘go to’ when you’re running late.

Rachel Trousers/ Modal Ruched Skirt / Silk Bella Skirt

My Coat Picks

You can’t go wrong with adding a stylish coat to any outfit. I live in my Topshop faux leather jacket as it adds an edgy feel to any outfit, but I’m tempted to eventually upgrade to a quality, real leather one instead like below. Or I’m also drawn to classic long length coats like the single breasted, elegant, wool one below.

The white option is beautiful and would give any outfit a finished look but for me it would have to be the black one as the white would never be out of the wash with my track record for dropping food/drink down myself daily!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Hush Work Wardrobe Wishlist post, let me know how you’ve recently upped your wardrobe style in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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