My Top 3 Luxe Christmas Jumpers from Hush

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I am a lover of Christmas jumpers and have worn a fair few hideous ones over the years, including a tacky one with baubles, a faux knitted catchphrased ones & even one that lit up! I switch it up each year depending on my mood, sometimes it’s a day spent in a festive onsie or xmas jumper, the next a glamorous party dress.

So this year, for me it’s all about a cosy, luxe jumper instead of a synthetic, itchy little number. As who said Christmas jumpers had to be garish? I share my top luxe Christmas Jumper Picks from Hush, a brand I’ve only recently discovered.

About Hush


Hush is a stunning womenswear brand thought up by Creative Director Mandy 10 years ago, who set about creating a brand that values being comfortable but not at the expense of style ( i.e you can still look good slobbing instead of wearing your boyfriend’s stained slouchy tee & some naff trackie bottoms…just me?)

I love roughly 99% of the brand’s clothing and accessories, I don’t know how it’s taken me this long to discover Hush! From the cosy cashmere jumpers to the dainty jewellery, I could easily add all to basket if my bank balance would permit me to. But the brand’s jumpers are clearly more of a quality investment piece/s than wardrobe basics, so let me show you my top luxe Christmas jumper picks from Hush’s collection.

The French One

I’ve fallen in love with this cute Hush Etoile Jumper (star in french I think..) that comes in either the grey/gold colourway or ecru/black. It manages to looks soft and slouchy, yet glamorous. A perfect jumper to relax in/ head for a walk in without having to change outfits (onesies/ hideous xmas jumpers are frowned upon anywhere other than your living room apparently!)

The Colourful One

Or what about this lovely Hush Colour Block Jumper that comes in three colourways, I’m eyeing up the blush & grey one. Made of a super soft alpaca wool mix there is no doubt this would be the perfect jumper to spend Christmas in, however it does mean it needs to be handwashed.



The Starry One

Or another favourite, the Hush Twilight Star Jumper which is a dreamy cream jumper with a smattering of stars. Perfect for a luxe option to wear on Christmas day!


I’d team any of the above jumpers with Hush’s Double Star Necklace, jeans & a pair of Cashmere Socks for the perfect Christmas outfit.

Gift Options

And what I really love about the brand is the gift section, where you can purchase an incredible section of luxury gift box options including an outfit ready to go for a special day like Christmas, a birthday, etc. Hush’s Christmas Day Giftset is a ready made Christmas day outfit complete with a dress, necklace & tights.

Or my favourite one is Hush’s Telegraph Gift Set which would be ideal for a casual Sunday outfit to mooch around home or run errands in a cosy jumper, trousers & burgundy sneaker shoes.

They are a tad pricey, but it would make an awesome gift for someone you love who values quality clothing. I’d be bloody chuffed if I opened this on Christmas day!

Anyway I hope you’ve liked my Top Luxe Christmas Jumper Picks from Hush blog post, which isn’t sponsored just in case you’re wondering! I have just fallen head over heels in love with the brand, as I’m the type of girl who wears jeans & a comfy ass jumper majority of the time. So finding a brand who specialises in clothes perfect for people like me is wonderful. Expect a lot of Hush wishlist/ outfit posts in the future as I’m going to be buying a hell of a lot from them in the coming months.

Let me know which brands you love/ ones you’ve just discovered in the comments below, and don’t forget if you liked my post don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.


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