The Gold Sequin Dachshund…

The Lusting Life - The time I bought a Gold Sequin Dachshund

It all started at the weekend when I was sat wrapped in my cosy blanket on our Chesterfield sofa, flicking through Living etc’s Christmas gift guide (I loved everything btw) when I spotted an item I want need in my life. An exaggeration, perhaps. But as soon as I saw that gold sequin dachshund atop a golden bar cart… I knew it had to be mine this Christmas.


So I braved the cold and the ridiculously busy town centre to hunt him down in store. I was victorious! Meet Colonel Sausage.. a placeholder until I get a real one!!

For £25 I wasn’t bowled over by the quality, there were only 4 on display and mine was the best of the bunch. The sequins are quite sparse in places where the sequinned fabric is stretched over the shape, and it still feels tacky/ sticky patches of glue in places. But overall I love it! I can’t wait to style him up on my mantle piece or add to my bar cart like above. (Expect a follow up post on how I’ll be decorating this Christmas, dachshund included.)

The sparkly one in all its glory…


Of course my boyfriend watched in bemusement as I handed over cash for an item he feels indifferent to. He doesn’t understand how a dog is festive… & often questions my marmite taste in decor. I agree, my taste in furniture, wallpaper and decorative items is often eclectic and dangerously sways between tasteful & kitsch.

We’ve agreed to disagree about a fair few interior items so far, mainly a pair of pink, Parker Knoll reclining chairs I bought on Gumtree without his agreement. And although we I will eventually get them re-upholstered in a chic, midnight blue, faux suede, they are currently sat awkwardly in all their pink glory in our living room. (I’ll be sharing my 1 day upholstery course experience on the blog soon/ chair updates as they progress.)

Then there is a kitsch pug table lamp from TK Maxx he refuses to allow in our bedroom which he refers to as ‘hideous.’ And the Andy Warhol Rorschach inkblot print that is yet to find a place in our house which he described as ‘depressing.’

That Christmas feeling

So in comparison I think the latest addition to our home will be easily incorporated into our eclectic home! And you know, after 3 hours roaming around town returning/ buying more clothes, getting Christmas craft supplies (post coming soon), a quick coffee pit stop & my first Greggs Festive Bake of the season, I’m starting to feel a bit festive!

Given it’s still November, I usually refrain until early December. But after a flurry of Christmas themed craft/ decoration DIY’s on my Pinterest feed & a festive Starbucks the Grinch in me has been replaced with a Yo Christmas, come at me attitude! I’ve started to get excited about December (basically my inner child comes out and I start decorating the house like the toy shop scene in Elf each year, bit by bit each day until James tells me I may have overdone it…a tad.)

So with that, I think it’s acceptable to start sharing some Christmas themed posts from here on out. Let the Christmas Countdown commence! Thanks for reading.


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